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Spring Breeders Classic

March 19, 2005 12:00 - The Choice is yours!

A lot of Five embryo's out of Kingsdale Prize Tanya VG 88.

Offered is your choice of 5 embryos out of Tanya buy 3 outstanding bulls listed. Rapid Bay Just Wait, Sooner Centurion, or Piedmont Nadine Furor.
Take five of one of them or mix it up. 5 Grade A eggs ready for export are available.

On March 19th, bid for the choice of quality that Maplevale Jerseys has to offer.

Aslo Availiable!!

A sharpe senior calf from the famed Virginia family founded at Swissbell.

Maplevale Bakercroft AK Vivica, is on the auction block as well.
This sharpe, balanced senior calf is out of Swissbell Luther Viesta VG 86, with a three year old projection of (212-175-193) 4.53% fat and 3.46% protein.

Vivica is sired by Avonlea Jupitor King. A Hollylane R Jupiter son from the famed Avonlea Reniassance Kookie, EX 92-2E. A Multi All Canadian Winner and Nominee.

This stylish calf is owned with Melanie Babcock. Make her yours on the 19th.