RR #2 Bath, Ontario, Canada
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The Tanya's

Strong petigree with both show appeal and production. This family includes one All-Canadian Two Year Old, and several generations of VG or EX cows.
Kingsdale Prize Tanya (VG-88)
Kingsdale Prize Tanya Image
Maplevale JW Trixie (EX 90)
Maplevale JW Trixie Image
Maplevale Iatola Teetsi (VG 88)
Maplevale Iatola Teetsi Image
Maplevale AJCP Tipsey 
Maplevale AJCP Tipsey Image
Maplevale Furor Tamika (EX 94)
Maplevale Furor Tamika Image
Maplevale Remaking Tanya (VG 87 3-11)
Maplevale Remaking Tanya Image
Other Family Members
Kingsdale Ren Terra (EX 1(4-6))
Kingsdale Ren Terra Image
Lencreast First Terra (VG 87(2-4))
Lencreast First Terra Image
Kingdale Furor Toya (SupEX 945E)
Kingdale Furor Toya Image
Maplevale Remake Tierra (VG 85 2-10)